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Lube Oils

         Dheen International Supply all types & brands of Lube Oils/Greases/ & Hydraulic Oils. Lube oil is a one of the essential elements for operating any kind of machinery on board ship. Lube oil is responsible for lubrication and cooling of the parts which are operating relative to each other, giving rise to frictional and other types of stresses on the machinery. Without the use of lube oil, we cannot imagine any machinery operation on ship.

         Different types and grades of lube oils are available for machinery, depending upon the working condition, operation, and requirements of the machinery itself. When it comes to marine engines, it is very critical to select the best grade of lube oil that can be used as crank case oil or cylinder oil. The lube oil is selected based on the properties which will improve the engine operation and reduce the wear down rate and hence the maintenance cost of the machine.

         The following are the most common and required properties of the lube oil used for marine machinery:

Oxidation resistant
Load carrying capacity
Thermal conductivity
High Flash Point
Low Demulsification Number