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Life Raft Annual Servicing - Maintenance

         Dheen International has been one of the leaders of Liferaft service & maintenance and was created specifically to service liferafts, lifeboats and launching equipment. Liferaft is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your vessel. It is designed, manufactured and equipped to save your life in the event that you have to abandon ship.Liferaft Annual Servicing will ensure that your liferaft will operate and perform as designed. You will also increase the life expectancy of your raft with annual inspections. Each year your liferaft is subject to a wide range of elements which will accelerate the natural ageing process of the rafts and its components. Liferaft condition is to have it inspected annually or as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

         We do the work the annual service for Life raft / inflatable Life raft to support the safety of crew / passengers.Life raft used for the rescue service emergency evacuation in case of disaster on the vessel and other uses on a ship.International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and International Life Saving Appliance Code (LSA) require certain emergency equipment carried on each boat and life raft used in international shipping.

Liferaft servicing (supply / inspection / exchange service / annual maintenance)


Our servicing expertise

         Our engineers are fully trained to the highest standards and approved by your liferaft manufacturer to carry out servicing work as set down in the liferaft manual. We carry the appropriate tools, together with a supply of approved spare parts.Our Service Stations work to ensure we strictly adhere to the latest manufacturer requirements, our engineers regularly attend education programmes and refresher courses. Between courses, any changes to commercial servicing procedures are advised in regular manufacturer update bulletins which are sent to each Service station.This ensures your liferaft is serviced and maintained to the highest possible standard.

Commercial Life Raft Service and Repair
Dockside pick-up and delivery
Re-certification and issuing of new certificates with each unit