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LSA - FFA Stores

         Dheen Internationalspecializes in supplies or equipment for ships, known as ship stores. We supply items that could be found in a chandlery might include: rosin, turpentine, tar, pitch (resin), linseed oil, whale oil, tallow, lard, varnish, twine, rope and cordage, hemp, oakum, tools (hatchet, axe, hammer, chisel, planes, lantern, nail, spike, boat hook, caulking iron, hand pump, marlinspike), brooms, mops, galley supplies, leather goods, and paper.

Life Boat Buoyant Smoke
Life Boat hand flares
Life Boat hand flares
Life Boat parachute rockets
Life Boat first aid Kit
Life Boat Ration
Life buoys buoyant heaving line
Life Buoys Self igniting lights
Life Buoys, Ring Buoys.
Man Over board marker
Norwegian Buoy
Life jackets
Life jackets whistle
Navigational light & Lamps
Fires hoses- MMD approval
Jet spray nozzle
Fire hydrant Valves
Hydro static release unit
For Epirs & Life raft
Fire extinguisher & its refills
Flotation Collars (Rescue boat Collars)
Workvest / Light Stick (CelliumStick)

         Deals in :- Life Saving Equipments, Fire Fighting Equipments, Navigation Equipments, Marine Paints, Nautical Equipments, Diving Equipments, Navigation Charts, Navigation Books, Measuring Tools, Electrical Equipments, SVR Marine Service, Business Enterprises, Hose Couplings.