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         Dheen International, by men of experience capable of analyzing, conceiving and of realizing the most common operations, as the most difficult. Dunnage is an important step of our industry, that imposes the reflection and the preparation upstream but also the strength, the blow of eye and the quick decision-making. Unburden your line personnel of the time consuming and un-ergonomic task of handling product packaging at the point of use.


         Dheen International works on all kinds of operations from the movement of cargo, in port, on river docks, for road transportation, in storage, on industrial areas.


       On ships the lashing is essential, it is all about the safety at sea of the crew, the ship and the goods. Dheen Internationallashes especially heavy and also the very heavy stuff.


         Cranes operations, transferring cargo off a barge onto a ship, or from a ship alongside the quay.

Industrial Transfer

         In addition of the previous skills and knowledge, but using also jacks and crawlers in the purpose of moving oversized pieces.Handling the project from scratch to finish, including the dismantling, the transfer, and the reassembly on a new site.