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Fresh - Dry Provision

         “When it comes to provisions, quality is our number one concern”.

         DHEEN INTERNATIONAL can supply your vessel with a huge range of quality products at competitive prices.Our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat from best quality, fish straight from our local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores from local and imported sources. All our warehouse facilities include chillers, freezers and packaging facilities allowing for the delivery of your provisions order in prime condition. Following is a selection of categories from our extensive provisions list.

         “Our list of food includes, but is not limited to:


Fruits and vegetables
Cheese, milk and dairy products
Fresh fish and seafood
Fresh meat
Pastry, desserts and sweets


Legumes, flour, and derivatives
Cacao, coffee, sugar and infusions
Oil and greases
Sauces, spices and herbs
Canned products
Snacks, nuts and dried fruits

         DHEEN INTERNATIONAL promises to supply you with the absolute highest quality and freshest foods available.Having good food for the ship crew is very important. We always make sure to supply the absolute highest quality and freshest foods available. With our years of experience in field of chandling, we provide wide range of options for food items to be used on ship.

         We understand the importance of customer's satisfaction, we select our suppliers carefully to ensure the quality of our supplies are of high standard.